This was a good movie, loved the history of it all but was extremely disappointed by the fact they didn't have a In memory of for John Glenn. He deserved to be acknowledge in a movie that was about him as well. He did a lot for NASA and for this country yet they didn't acknowledge his passing
This movie was truly moving. It was very intense and very sad


Jan. 3rd, 2017 09:22 pm
I have always loved musicals and now


Jan. 3rd, 2017 09:22 pm
This movies was just
I truly loved and adored this movie. I was a little leery since this was so different from all the other movies and it was form such a small book that had nothing to do with characters but this was a great movie that managed to stick to same magical greatness that the Harry Potter movies all had. All in all it was a truly wonderful movie that I will be seeing again.


Nov. 15th, 2016 09:54 pm
It was an interesting movie. loved how there was more then one ship instead of the normal one ship that always arrived in the US and always in a big city. There was a comment in the movie of how if this was a peaceful alien coming why was there more then one that made me think of how the world governments would react if they were not the ones being visited. this was a more realistic view on
what would happen in the hopefully one day event of an alien coming to Earth.
the end was shocking as well. Almost to the level of: I see dead people and your dead ending. As a whole I loved the movie
I truly loved this movie and will be seeing it again. Loved how Benedict played Dr. Strange and the Ancient One was truly great. The whole thing just made you really get into what was coming, how Strange would become the Sorcerer Supreme and can't wait till Thor and Loki interact with him
I saw this at an early promo and it wasn't bad. It had several extremely funny moments and while there was a explicit moment the rest was rather good

Star Trek

Jul. 21st, 2016 10:55 pm
This was an extremely good movie.Loved the chair part and the part where they mentioned Leonard Nimoy
While not as funny as the original movies, it did have its moments. The new angles when it comes to the tech was pretty cool and loved the whole stupid secetary thing. All of the original cast coming back was great too, it made you wonder when another would appear
It was a great movie, very funny and lovely. It makes you question what your pets are doing while your gone. If their off having adventures while you go about your day and you'd never know
Loved this. It was a completely different take on Tarzan from any other movie I have ever seen. Never had I seen a movie about Tarzan after the meeting of Jane and Tarzan. It was refreshing to see something new and I greatly loved it. there were hilarious moments and the baby animals were so very cute
This was a good movie though not as good as the first. There was funny movies while there was also rather stupid ones. there was a scene where several of the aliens joined together yet they are never shown again. that was odd and when the
President died and that was not a good moment. The whole last of its kind thing was by far to overdone
This was a truly great movie, the best of the new trilogy. Loved Apocalypse, who has always been my favorite villain of the Xmen comics. Though they changed his story which was a bit annoying as they made him weaker in certain ways. Erik was truly cool in this and loved how his grief made him so much more powerful yet weaker. Pietro was funny as hell, especially during the mansion exploding moments.

I liked when Charles tried to control Apocalypse and then they kept it realistic by having Apocalypse being more powerful. Also liked how they had Moria with a son who is hopefully Legion.

All in all this was a great movie.
This was a rather disappointing movie, it was to predictable in large chunks of the movie. And the end was not as it was in the comics which means it went against the genre of the series. Then again removing mutants from the issue also ruined it as they were the main part of the War.

All in all it was just not as good as expected and a let down from the continuation of the Avenger/Marvel series
This movie was rather disappointing and not at all equal or better then Snow White. It was boring at times and at others it was rather drawn out. It was not at all like I expected
This was an interesting movie and a rather good interruption of the book. It is one of the best I've seen out of all those made about Mowgli over the years. All the different animals in it were great though I couldn't figure out where this was all suppose to be happening as there is nowhere that all those animals are in the same place
This movie was absolutely perfect and everyone in the free and not so free world should go see it pronto. It was a perfect mix of being new and still honoring the comics.

Loved the scene where Clark and Bruce met for the first time, it was hilarious and intense. The scene where Clark threatened Bruce to not answer his bat signal was a bit stupid as it was cops lighting it up so what gave Clark the right to do that but it was still kind of a cute moment.

Diana and Bruce scenes were great as well and you could so see the heat between them
This was a relatively good movie if bit confusing at times. Like what city they were suppose to be in as Egypt did not have any bridges like what was in the movie. Not to mention that Horus was born after Osiris's death and the piece missing from Osiris was not his heart but his...private part. Some of the titles were wrong as well but ignoring that, it was a rather entertaining movie.
A hilariously funny movie that was truly great. The plot while a bit boring had incredible funny moments. There was some historical inaccuracies in it, such as having cigs. anywhere near the film which was highly flammable back then. Still though there was many funny moments through out the film. Loved the singing bits the best. Great voice and lovely dancing.
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