Lovely movie if a bit redundant and obvious at points. I mean why did non of the children question how the military was able to get the power back on. Or the fact that the Others didn't realize that they had power and go after them. I mean that base would have been the only place with power around so it would have practically shown like a beacon to anyone with technology yet not a one thought of that. OR how about the fact that they were able to develop a device that showed their supposed enemies the Others. Not to mention how anyone was able to realize that the Others were able to take over the humans. There was a lot of plot fails in this movie though even with them it was rather good.


Feb. 11th, 2016 10:20 pm
Deadpool did justice to the comics and the character. A lot more then Wolverine:oringins did. Wade was hilarious and a true anti-hero. There were serious moments and extremely funny moments, just like in the comics. A hell of a lot of blood shed, both from Wade's kills and from Wade himself.

There was no Cable which was disappointing as what is a Wade without a Nathan but still a great movie. Several other characters from Wade's comics were in and that was great. Loved Weasel in it and Bob made an appearance which was great. Extremely funny and violent. Loved the cameo of Stan Lee, DJ in a strip joint. Hilarious.

The X-men cameo was great too as was the introduction to a lesser known X-Men as is Negasonic Teenage Warhead

All in all a great movie
Went to see the movie today in an special early showing and I did rather like it. It was true to the orinigal Jane Austin book along with the Seth Grahme-Smith book. While adding its own unique things without ruining either. There was many funny moments and excellent plot twists. Though there was one where I thought that Anne was going to turn out to be a zombie by the way she was acting. It was actually kind of disappointing that she wasn't. There was also a moment where I thought this was going to turn out to be a tragedy which while different from the books would have been quite interesting. All in all though it was a great movie and one I would recommend to anyone.



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